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Thank you for applying to GENIUS Olympiad 2020. GENIUS Olympiad will host around 1500 students and supervisors this year.  We plan to include new events and programs to make it a memorable event. 

Our finalist list posted below is the most accurate list, rather than the project status within the application system.

Those who appear on the list but do not have Finalist status within the application system should contact us via email as soon as possible.

If your name is on the finalist list, please follow the What is the next section on this page.

We should note that the quality of the projects submitted has been increased significantly compared to previous years and we are very proud of all applicants for their work and effort.

Please note that it is our policy not to send individual responses to those who are not selected.  We are sorry about this, but our finalists will need a great deal of visa support at this time, and we do not have the staff to provide feedback on individual projects and their results. 

GENIUS 2019 Facts:

  • 1,657 projects were submitted, 789 projects were accepted (53% acceptance rate)
  • The number of projects submitted from the United States was 403 (27% of submitted projects)
  • The country where the most number of projects were submitted: Kyrgyzstan with 117 projects (Tajikistan 56 projects, South Korea 53 projects, Jordan 52 projects, Indonesia 51 projects)
  • The high school which submitted the most projects are Jubilee Schools, Jordan (45 projects), Yahya Kemal Schools, Macedonia (40 Projects), Yorktown High School, US (31 projects) Bishkek Aichurol School, Kyrgyzstan (51 projects).
  • The number of countries where the projects were submitted: 76 
  • The number of US States where the projects were submitted: 39 
  • The number of accepted Science projects: 420 out of 842 submissions (50% acceptance rate)
  • The number of accepted Art projects: 136 out of 247 submissions (54% acceptance rate)
  • The number of accepted Short Film projects: 36 out of 77 submissions (49% acceptance rate)
  • The number of accepted Creative Writing projects: 68 out of 123 submissions (54% acceptance rate)
  • The number of accepted Robotics projects: 42 out of 69 submissions (60% acceptance rate)
  • The number of accepted Music projects: 27 out of 42 submissions (64% acceptance rate)
  • The number of accepted Business projects: 30 out of 63 submissions (48% acceptance rate)




  1. If you do not see your project status as a finalist in the application system, but you have been announced as a finalist, please contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Login to the system and click on Participant Tab, and Add all participants who will attend the event, including teachers, parents, siblings, even they will stay in a hotel. Supervisor information can be different from what was submitted during the application process.
  3. Pay the listed participation fee in order to complete your registration. Please see the rules for fees.
  4. International applicants: All information must be entered correctly.  Visa letters are sent to the whole group and you will apply for visas as a group. You will request B1 visas. You MUST make the participation fee payment in order to receive a visa letter. 
  5. Fill out the travel information when you have purchased your tickets.  
  6. Fill out the Trip information (optional) if you would like to attend one of the Boston/NYC/DC trips. We have a bus service from JFK Airport: One-way bus services from JFK airport (NY) to RIT University is $75. 

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