• The GENIUS Olympiad is open to all international and U.S. students studying in grades eight through twelve (or the equivalent).
  • All students under 18 years old must attend the GENIUS Olympiad with an adult supervisor (a teacher, a parent, or a guardian). Students who are 18 years old and study in high school may participate without an adult supervisor.
  • The same project can NOT be submitted in consecutive years without significant progress or changes.
  • Projects which are submitted to other organizations/fairs can be submitted without changes.
  • A valid application must be submitted (including affiliated fair Genius Certificate winners) using the GENIUS Olympiad application system by the deadline with application fee payment.
  • All students and supervisors have to communicate in English well enough to present their projects. Translators for student presenters are NOT allowed. 



  • Application fee is $40 per project and is non-refundable. The application fee must be paid before the application deadline in order to complete your application. All applicants, including GENIUS Certificate winners, must pay the application fee. Projects without an application fee will not be considered for evaluation.
  • Participation fee is $60 per attendee (including student, supervisor, guests) who will attend the GENIUS Olympiad and is non-refundable. The participation fee must be paid before the registration deadline in order to guarantee your place at the GENIUS Olympiad. All finalists and their supervisors and guests must pay the participation fee. Participation fee covers lodging, meals, and trip to Niagara falls during the event (see finalist guide for details of these)
  • Guest fee is $600 per guest and does not include participation fee. Guests (additional participants on projects, such extra supervisor, siblings, parents etc) are allowed if space is available. The guest fee is $350 for those who will stay off-campus (in a hotel, they will pay the hotel fee and make the arrangements).  There is a limit on the number of adult supervisors (teacher or parent). In order to maximize the number of projects and student participation, we allow only one adult supervisor (teacher/parent) for every 6 students from the same school/organization. If there are 7-12 finalist students from the same school/organization, then two supervisors are allowed. Additional supervisors/relatives other than allowed ones will be recognized as guests and will be asked to pay the guest fee. Guests fees must be paid during registration. The guest fee is fully refundable until May 22nd and is 50% refundable after that date. Guest fee covers meals, lodging (except those stay in hotel and pays only $350), and trip to Niagara Falls.  
  • Fees will be paid online during application and registration.



  • Each student may present only one project. The only exception to this rule is that students may present more than one project within the same disciplines, such as multiple art projects but not across disciplines, such as art and science.  
  • Students may apply with multiple projects in any discipline to increase their chance of acceptance, but will be selected as a finalist for only one project.
  • A maximum of two students may present a science, business or short film project.
  • Only one student may present a creative writing, poster art, photography, satirical illustration, music singer or music solo performance projects.
  • A maximum of three students may present a robotics or music group performance project.
  • There is no limit to how many projects may be submitted from the same school/organization. There is no limit to the number of projects selected as finalists from any one school.
  • All projects from the same school or organization should be submitted under one application login in order to control communication and projects more efficiently. 
  • Only one supervisor (teacher/parent) is allowed upto 6 student participants during registration. If more supervisors (teacher/parents/subings) would like to attend with the group, they can attend only as guests make the guest fee payment. 



  • GENIUS Judging Committee has the right to deny any project without any explanation.
  • Finalists/Applicants who do not submit required information on time and in the requested format shall be disqualified.
  • In all aspects of the projects, participants must maintain integrity.
  • Participants must avoid any misconduct or fraud, such as falsifying data or records, piracy or plagiarism (presenting another person's work as one’s own).
  • All students are required to adhere to the rules set by the GENIUS Olympiad, and these rules may change without any notification.
  • By attending to GENIUS Olympiad, you and/or your guardian agree to all statements and rules stated on this page, in the finalist guide, and in the media and consent form.



  • The Project Applications will start on February 1st, 2017. The link will be available on this website, all applications are made online.
  • The Project Application Deadline is March 10th, 2017. For Affiliated Fair Winners, the deadline is April 1st, 2017. However, the deadline can be extended for US and European Affiliated Fair Winners (who do not need visa application and whose fairs are held after April 4th) until May 1st. For extended deadline, please send us an email.
  • Project Finalists will be announced on our website on April 4th.
  • Each participant must enter their participant information and make their second fee payment by May 21st to be eligible to participate in.



  • Applications and registrations will be made through our online application system, which will be available on the first date of application on our main page.
  • Application is the first step to submit a project.  Registration is the second step, in which you will provide participant and travel information. Both steps are required by the deadlines for all participants.
  • Please check our annual schedule for 2016-2017 for application start date, application deadline, and registration deadline.
  • All applicants (including GENIUS Certificate holders from affiliated fairs) MUST submit an online application by the deadline.
  • Multiple projects can be submitted using one login name. Each school/organization MUST create only one username to submit multiple projects.
  • The application system will ask for: contact information, fair affiliation (if exists), abstract, project paper upload (research paper or art work), media link, and the payment of non-refundable project application fee.  
  • Once the Finalists are announced, you MUST confirm their participation before the registration deadline by completing registration process for each participant who will attend the GENIUS Olympiad.
  • International applicants must complete the registration and the registration payment as soon as possible in order to receive their invitation letters for visa application.

For specific rules and procedures for project application and preparation for each category, please visit the page for each category.