GENIUS Business raises awareness of environmental values in the business world, from bringing green products and services to market to developing a social responsibility plan for any business aiming to have a positive relationship to the society and the environment in which it operates.

Each GENIUS Business project can be prepared and presented by up to two students. Participants must prepare and present a business plan to judges as though they are making a pitch for funding for their business plan, also known as an investment proposal.  Presentations will be made in formal business attire and should include a Powerpoint/Prezi (or similar) presentation of no more than 10 minutes before Q&A.
BUSINESS | Entrepreneurship
Students may offer a new product or technology to decrease human impact on the environment, or they can offer improvements to existing products or technologies to make them greener or more sustainable.  This involves a combination of science, engineering and business sense.  Participants must offer the product, technology, or enhancement along with a plan to bring this product or technology to market. The business plan must include an analysis of the existing market, analyzing potential buyers, suppliers, current competition, the culture of the market regarding of product, potential future competitors, and potential substitute technologies. It should then describe the product, its target market, expected price, promotional plans, and how it will be delivered to the customer.  Finally, the business plan should include staffing and facilities plans, as well as ultimate profit goals.

BUSINESS | Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility plan should offer environmental solutions for existing businesses and industries, with the aim of a reduction in environmental impact.  Participants must offer a 10-minute Powerpoint/Prezi (or similar) presentation promoting their business plan to make a change within their target business or industry. The business plan should include an analysis of the current environmental impact of the business/industry, a description of the proposed changes, and an analysis of the impact of these changes on the environment.  The plan should then explore the financial cost of implementation and the impact of implementation on the company's position in the market (including the impact of any change in price, change in the customer experience of the product, obstacles to delivery, etc.).  Participants should also examine potential competition from other sustainability models, and make the case for their own plan as the best solution.

  • Each GENIUS Business project can be prepared and presented by up to two students.
  • Submit a business plan describing the requested information.  All projects, including affiliated fair winners, must submit these items. 
  • The business plan must be no more than 15 pages long, including a 2-page executive summary.  
  • The entire application document should be in English, and all file names must be in English characters.  If the planned market is a non-English-speaking country, the presentation may include examples of the target languages as appropriate in marketing materials, etc.
  • All financing should be converted into US dollars.
  • Acceptable file formats for the business plan are doc, docx and pdf.  Limit of 15 pages, including two pages executive summary. We can not share other's business plan from previous years, however, the best projects are the ones which follow a typical business plan structure. As an example, we provide the following (you may choose to use other business plan templates): Business plan template (PDF)


 GENIUS BUSINESS What to expect at the Fair?

  • Present your project as a business pitch to the group of judges, using your Powerpoint/Prezi presentation in a business-like setting. Please practice the presentation to ensure that it is less than 10 minutes.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended to bring models or prototypes of any product or technology you may be offering as a part of your presentation.
  • Students are advised (not required) to bring printed copies of their business plan to distribute to curious viewers.
  • A computer (operating with Windows) with a projector and a screen will be available for students to use. However, you may also use your own computer. Apple computer users must bring an adapter to connect their computer to HDMI.
  • Students are allowed to make changes and improve their projects between application and fair presentation.


GENIUS Business | Judging Criteria
1. Creativity of concept
2. Feasibility of concept
3. Marketability and Profitability
4. Impact on Environment
5. Impact on Company's Long-Term Profitability and Market Share
6. Overall Communication of Concept





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