GENIUS Talks are a new form of presenting your ideas to the world online and at the GENIUS Olympiad.  Students can use our online presentation platform to share innovative ideas in the environmental field.  We invite students to send us 5-12 minute videos in which you speak about issues of environmental concern.  High quality productions will be shared on our social media pages and on our website, and the best two presenters will be invited to GENIUS Olympiad 2015 to present their talk at the GENIUS Olympiad opening ceremony.



  • Talks must be between 5 and 12 minutes long. Only one student may prepare each Talk. Each student may submit multiple GENIUS Talks.
  • Talks must be on a topic related to the environment
  • Videos must be uploaded to a vimeo and shared only by GENIUS olympiad for evaluation
  • Video must be submitted using by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a link to the vimeo page.  VIDEOS POSTED DIRECTLY TO OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • GENIUS will upload no more than one video per week to our YouTube page, with links to our website, Facebook, and Twitter
  • GENIUS reserves the right to add our logo and make modifications before posting accepted submissions
  • Videos must be submitted before March 16, 2015, in order to be considered for presentation at the GENIUS Olympiad 2015.  Note that videos submitted earlier have more opportunities to be liked on social media, which is one of our criteria of evaluation for presenting at the GENIUS Olympiad
  • Submission of your video to GENIUS Olympiad means that you are giving permission us to use your video talk on the GENIUS website, promotional materials and social media under the GENIUS name
  • Presenters must wear business or business casual attire in the video and at the GENIUS Olympiad, if invited
  • The presentation should be as dynamic as possible, including video of yourself, your presentation, and any other visuals you wish to offer (switching back and forward between different modes). 



  • Originality of Topic
  • Relevance of Topic to a General Audience
  • Quality of Production
  • Presentation Skills
  • Likes on Social Media