THE IMPACT: GENIUS Olympiad actively recruits participants from 1700 selected schools and organizations in the United States and around the world. These schools and organizations are committed to improving education. The Event receives applications from 1200 students who work with 300-400 teachers and parents. These parties are active on our website year round. Every year we receive thousands of new website visitors from 110+ countries. In June, the GENIUS Olympiad and SUNY Oswego will host 350-400 high achieving and motivated high school students as well as 180-250 high school teachers and parents supporting the efforts of the students. In addition to the global reach, Central New York is well represented, accounting for 400-500 persons. Central New York residents in attendance are highly educated; interested in educational activities; interested in environmental issues and resolve; and/or international events.

GENIUS Olympiad and SUNY Oswego send 4-6 press releases prior to the event, all of which include the names of main sponsors. Social media is an important channel for our global reach and therefore GENIUS is extremely active on both Facebook and Twitter. This strategy includes repeated mentions of sponsor companies and their involvement. GENIUS Olympiad 2013 was promoted live on WRVO, The Post-Standard’s Sunday Magazine, CNYCentral television,  YNN (now known as TIme Warner Cable News), the Palladium Times as well as several local weeklies. In addition, we actively announce events and programs through NPR affiliates and appropriate print channels to invite public for our events.

Your donation will be tax deductible. Please write your check payable to ‘Oswego College Foundation” a 501.c.3  organization, with Genius Olympiad noted.


Dear GENIUS-Olympiad Supporter, 

You created a brand name by being an environmentally conscious organization. We would like to help your company to increase its visibility and its sincere support to environmental projects and education by providing resources for young minds.

SUNY OSWEGO respectfully proposes that your company considers a partnership in support of the third GENIUS (GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES FOR US) Olympiad, a prestigious international science, art, creative writing, architectural design, and music project competition among high school students and cities focusing on environmental issues per the following description and sponsorship proposal.

The GENIUS Olympiad will

  •  provide a venue to present your company to 1000 participants and guests, who are environmentally conscious,
  •  provide a venue to brand yourself a sponsor of an educational program
  •  provide a venue to brand yourself a sponsor of an environmental program
  •  provide a venue to brand yourself a sponsor of STEM education program
  •  give your company visibility through its website which receives around 45,000 visits per year,

GENIUS Olympiad 2013 hosted 530 students and supervisors from 53 countries and 37 states, which were selected out of 1200 applicants. We are expecting to host over 550 participants from more than 60 countries and 40 states during GENIUS 2014.

The GENIUS Olympiad is a 4 day-long event to bring science, art, creative writing, architectural design, and city projects developed by high school students to approach environmental problems. The event includes poster competition, symposium on environment and education, keynote addresses, workshops for teachers, and visit to Niagara falls. GENIUS Olympiad disciplines and their sub-categories are:

GENIUS Science: a) ecology, b) environmental quality c) resources & energy, and d) human ecology,

GENIUS Art: a) photography, b) short film, c) satirical illustration, and d) conceptual poster design.

GENIUS Creative Writing: a) poetry, b) short story, and c) essay (non-fiction)

GENIUS Architectural Design: a) architectural design, b) urban planning, and c) interior design

GENIUS-Music: a) Composition, b) Performance

 SUNY Oswego is very proud to present sponsorship opportunities for the GENIUS Olympiad that will engage high schools students and their teachers/parents from around the world.

An event of this magnitude requires the support and sponsorship from those in the community who are interested in promoting the world’s environmental challenges and alternative solutions and education in secondary schools.  As the GENIUS host institution, SUNY Oswego welcomes you to take a leading sponsorship role.

For more information and other opportunities please give us a call or send us an email. 

Sincerely yours,

P.S. Your donation will be tax deductible. Please write your check payable to ‘Oswego College Foundation” with Genius Olympiad noted, and send it to Director's address.

Dr. Fehmi Damkaci

Founder and Director, GENIUS Olympiad
Department of Chemistry
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126

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