Are you interested in bringing your students’ independent science or math research to a higher level?
Are you convinced that research experiences for students must replicate the collaborative nature of science research as it is practiced in the 21st century?
Are you convinced that international collaboration and communication are key components to creating cultural and scientific intelligence?

Terra announces the creation of a new and unique program that features opportunities for participating schools to engage in a scientific and cultural exchange between schools in different countries. The collaborations will be patterned after the long-running programs between American, South Korean, and Singapore students as featured in Nature in 2015. The program will be facilitated by George Wolfe, award winning teacher, administrator and Emmy winning television host.

Program Summary

  • The project is initiated by an initial school visit by faculty mentors and students.
  • Collaborative student research continues throughout the school year with guidance from faculty mentors.
  • During the final visit, data is analyzed, presentations prepared and ultimately presented in an “endpoint presentation” such as participation in Genius Olympiad.
  • Terra will assist in setting up high school partnerships, logistical support, consultations on program setup, staff training, and other need based assistance.
  • Terra can provide professional development on setting up an Independent Research Program.

Interested secondary schools should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit for more information.